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Nuneaton Harriers Community Association Ltd ("We")  are keen to make sure you get the very best service from us. We welcome feedback which allows us to celebrate the positive impact we have when going about our business, along with using constructive criticism to help inform how we run our services for your benefit.

Everyone loves positive feedback and where we have gone above and beyond the call of duty it’s always nice to hear that. This allows us to thank the colleague who has delivered outstanding service levels and celebrate their commitment to you, the customer.

We also recognise that from time to time we may not deliver the service levels that we, or you, expect and on those occasions we welcome your views which can help us to rethink, redesign or retrain in an effort to improve what we do.

You may also have an idea that you believe would add benefit to our business which we may not have thought of and we would love to hear those.

In an effort to provide a clear and concise way for you to give us feedback we have developed the process below which we ask you to follow in order that we can deal with your feedback in the quickest and most positive way.


The quickest and most efficient way to give feedback is in person to either the Manager on duty or the General Manager immediately. This way most cases can be dealt with and resolved quickly. All of our colleagues will be able to support you in making contact with the right person at site.

Alternatively you can complete a Feedback Form from our website website – Click here for form and your feedback will be sent to the relevant individual.


Our aim is to provide a response within 48 hours as a minimum. This may be just a holding response if the feedback requires additional investigation. If this is the case we will inform you of this and under these circumstances our aim is to provide a full response and resolution within 7 days.

Dispute Resolution

If, once the resolution has been provided, you remain dissatisfied, you can escalate your feedback to the Local Authority, all contact details for this can be found on their websites.

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